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Ductless System

Is a Ductless System the Right Choice for You in Los Banos, CA?

June 14, 2022

Many residents of Los Banos, CA, think about getting a ductless system for reasons that vary. These systems may have caught your attention due to their ability to help homeowners save on energy costs. Continue reading to learn how mini-splits can be a good choice for your home with or without preexisting ducts.

Ideal for Outbuildings and Room Additions

Owners whose homes already contain ducted air conditioning may purchase a mini-split for an outbuilding such as a work shed or garage. Others may decide to make their attic space habitable. A mini-split works well in a new room addition This would save you the hassle and expense of extending your preexisting ductwork to the new room.

A Good Alternative to Whole-House Cooling

Some ductless air conditioners only cool one room. But with a multi-zone ductless syste,, you can attach up to eight air handlers to a single compressor. This may be enough to cool your entire home. Mini-splits come highly recommended because of their ability to bring all their cool air straight into your home, which can cut your monthly bill by up to 30%.

Further Benefits of a Ductless System

As long as you maintain it and schedule timely repairs when needed, your ductless system can run smoothly and quietly for 20 years or more. Besides that, a mini-split will automatically create multiple temperature zones in your home. As a result, each zone can accommodate the comfort level of its occupant.

If you live in Los Banos and want to consult with a professional about a ductless AC installation, contact CEN-CAL AIR Heating and Cooling. Our locally owned and operated company has decades of experience and can give you expert advice at every step. We look forward to hearing from you.

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