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Is Your Heat Pump Crying Out for Help?

November 17, 2022

Your heat pump is bound to run into problems once in a while. One way the system communicates to you that something is wrong is through unusual noises. Here are some heat pump noises and what they mean for homeowners in Patterson, CA:

Banging Noise

One of your system components may be loose and fall in the fan’s path. Also, a foreign object, such as a stick, may find its way into your system. As the blades rotate, they will hit this foreign or loose object, causing a banging noise.

If your system continues running with a loose component, more damage that may require expensive heating repairs may occur. Consider shutting down your unit and requesting that a professional service technician fix the loose part.

Gurgling Noise

A refrigerant leak will result in gurgling noise. When there’s a perforation on your refrigerant lines, the fluid may start leaking and air may also enter them, resulting in gurgling noise. Your heat pump may be unable to transfer heat efficiently from outside to indoors if this fluid leaks.

Consider fixing these leaks as soon as possible. Firstly, refrigerant leaks may cause your unit to run continuously, resulting in an increase in your energy bill. Secondly, this fluid is harmful to you and the environment. Never attempt DIY refrigerant repairs; it’s dangerous. A service technician can help you fix the leaks and replenish the refrigerant volume levels.

Rattling Noise

Rattling or vibrating noise may come from the outdoor or indoor unit. When the noise comes from the outdoor component, the unit could be standing on uneven ground. You can place rubber pads below the system to absorb the vibrations.

Compressor problems may cause the indoor section of your heat pump to produce this noise. A professional service technician can inspect the compressor and take care of the problem.

Contact CEN-CAL AIR Heating and Cooling for outstanding heating services. Our professional service technicians will check what’s causing the noise and restore your unit to optimal performance.

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