Improving Airflow

3 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Airflow and Comfort

November 4, 2023

Fall is here, and many homeowners in Modesto, CA, are getting their homes ready for winter. When firing up your heater for the first time after a long summer, you may notice that one or more rooms in your home aren’t getting enough air or there are hot and cold spots. Here are three helpful tips to improve airflow and make every room in your home more comfortable:

Check Your HVAC Filter

Your first step to improving airflow in your home is to check your HVAC filter. It’s difficult for air to pass through dirty or clogged air filters. This puts more strain on your HVAC system and can also reduce airflow through the entire house.

Did you recently install a different type of air filter? Even a brand-new, clean filter can reduce airflow if it’s thicker and has a higher MERV rating compared to your previous filters.

Higher quality filters can trap more dust, allergens and pet dander, but they can also impact airflow. When upgrading your HVAC air filters, be sure that the new filter is a proper match for your HVAC system as a whole.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Central air conditioning and heating systems are complex and made of many mechanical components. To keep them working properly and maximize their lifespans, you need to maintain them and make repairs as soon as you notice an issue.

Deferred maintenance always makes the problem worse and causes other components to break down faster. The best time to get a heater tuneup is in the fall, so sign up for one of our maintenance agreement plans now and make an appointment.

Maintain Ducts, Vents and Registers

If you only have low airflow in one room or one section of the house, you could have dirty ducts. Cleaning ductwork helps conditioned air reach your living spaces efficiently.

Clean air vents and registers and make sure they are not blocked by tall bookshelves, furniture and even rugs if you have floor vents. Also check that registers are wide open to allow for maximum airflow. If you have in-duct dampers, our service technicians can also check if they are properly opening and closing to balance the airflow.

Let’s make every room in your home comfortable for the whole family. Call CEN-CAL AIR Heating and Cooling to locate the cause of your poor airflow and make heater repairs as needed.

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