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4 Ways to Minimize the Strain on Your AC System

September 8, 2022

Your air conditioner won’t last forever. As such, consider how you can minimize the strain you’ll put on it to maximize its lifespan. Here are some of the easiest ways to keep your AC system running with minimal wear and tear:

Replace the Air Filter

Every homeowner should be doing this every 90 days, assuming there’s nothing that severely compromises indoor air quality. If you own pets, though, or someone smokes, replace the filter every every month. The reason for this is simple: Filters clog with dirt and dust, and when they do, they strain the AC system as it must work harder to circulate the air.

Clean Around the AC Compressor

The air handler struggles when there’s a blockage to airflow, like a dirty filter or a closed vent. However, the compressor unit, located outdoors, can suffer as well and cause longer cooling cycles. Avoid this by clearing fallen leaves and trimming nearby bushes.

Have the Ducts Sealed

Duct sealing is something you’ll be leaving up to a professional. It’s worth it, though, because well-sealed ducts won’t leak your cool air, which means shorter cooling cycles and less work for the motor.

Generate Less Heat in the Home

One good way to minimize wear and avoid AC repairs is to reduce the activities that generate heat inside your home. For example, cut back on using the over or clothes dryer during the day.

Call CEN-CAL AIR Heating and Cooling to schedule maintenance, which can really keep your AC system run smoothly for years to come. We offer a Silver, Gold and Platinum plan, each with numerous benefits like repair discounts. Our locally owned and operated company boasts decades of experience. We’re here to help you maximize home comfort, minimize energy costs and give you peace of mind.

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