What You Need to Know About HVAC Warranties in Atwater, CA

January 7, 2023

A factory warranty is something everyone looks for when they install a new HVAC component. However, too many people don’t know much about that warranty and simply make assumptions. Consider what you need to know about the warranty for your HVAC equipment installed in Atwater, CA.

Warranty Length

The first thing to consider is the length of the warranty offered. This not only varies by manufacturer but also by model, with more expensive models sometimes offering a longer warranty period.

Also, consider that your warranty may have different periods for some components. You may have a one-year general parts warranty but have 10 years for a heat exchanger. The key is to review the documentation you’ve received to familiarize yourself with the terms and length.

What About Extended Warranties?

Most manufacturers don’t offer an extended warranty on their systems. However, you may find a third party who will provide a longer warranty. Check with your installation provider to see if they offer one or can refer you to a company that will.

Do Manufacturer Warranties Cover Labor?

Manufacturer warranties are typically parts-only warranties, meaning you’ll still have to cover the labor charges. Many HVAC installers offer a short labor warranty following an installation, often in the one-year range. However, some companies offer extended labor warranties as part of a maintenance package or as a standalone add-on.

What May Void Your Warranty

Keep in mind that warranties often have terms that you have to meet to keep them valid. Most HVAC warranties stipulate that neglecting routine maintenance will void your factory warranty.

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